Otis Whitmeyer

Recruiters for Department 7.


Type: Ordinary male human, Fast 5
Occupation: White Collar (Knowledge: Physical Sciences, Diplomacy)
CR = 4;
HP = 33
MAS = 12;
INIT = -2;
SPD = 30ft;

AC/T/FF = 13/15/13
BAB = 3;
Grap = 5;
Attack = 5; (1d3+2 nonlethal unarmed strike); Melee=5; Ranged=1;
FS and Reach: 5ft;
Fort = 2; Ref=1; Will=2;
Abilities: str=15(2), dex=6(-2), con=12(1), int=9(-1), wis=12(1), cha=9(-1)
Skills: CraftMechanical=3 (R=4 M=-1); Diplomacy=6 (R=6 M=-1 O=1); Drive=4 (R=6 M=-2); EscapeArtist=-1 (R=1 M=-2); Hide=4 (R=6 M=-2); Intimidate=0 (R=1 M=-1); KnowledgeCurrentEvents=3 (R=4 M=-1); MoveSilently=-1 (R=1 M=-2); Navigate=0 (R=1 M=-1);
Feats: Level1Feat; Level1Feat; Level3Feat
Special: AbilityIncreaseConstitution


Wants to use technology and the power of humanity to prevent all magical creatures from entering the world from other dimensions. Currently is tracking the group and is seeing everything they do.
Owned a Department 7 training ground…. until we blew it up. Rank 4 in organization. He is currently looking for us.

Otis Whitmeyer

Rupture travismiller