Chapter 3, A Sneaky Situation

The adventurers return to Sulphera Cultura. They speak with Mattius about their run-in with Alvin and ask him what they should do. Mattius tells the group that he did not establish a hit order on Alvin, and was aware of his actions the entire time. The reason he did not act on the information was because that Alvin’s actions were too low priority to formally create an assignment. Therefore, he will not be issuing a reward for the adventurer’s actions. Angered by this information, Isaac goes to Mattius’s young, blonde receptionist, Katie, to attempt to go over Mattius’s head. Katie informs Isaac that she does not know if there is anyone above Mattius in rank.

With the prisoner, Alvin, in tow, the adventurers decide to place an anonymous call to the police. They connect with Officer Barbrady, who claims that he has no knowledge of the numerous murders. Another officer, Butler, picks up the phone and dismisses the ignorant Barbrady. The officer tells the adventurers that he would be willing to discreetly compensate them for any information on the identity of the murderer. The adventurers hang up and drive to the police station to deliver the subdued Alvin. Butler puts the criminal into a cell and tells the adventurers that once he confirms that Alvin was indeed the one who killed those people, he will issue them an award. The group leaves and returns to Sulphera Cultura to hear about the mission that Mattius promised them.

Mattius tells the group that a bounty hunter has taken one of his employees hostage and is looking to collect the reward set by Department 7. The hostage’s name is Myron and he is a trained operative in stealth. Mattius reveals that Department 7 is a government operation to eliminate all super natural creatures and beings and to maintain normality in society. Sulphera Cultura however, wishes to harness these magical beings and establish order that way. Mattius assures the group that by harnessing the power of the magical creatures, he can establish more stable order than just by removing them.

The group heads to Black Cat Alley in the southern quarter. They see a black cat in the spooky alley way. Shaw verbally toys with the cat. Suddenly, the cat shape shifts into a man, the Scottish bounty hunter Donny MacGruin. He claims to know why the adventurers are here and does not intend to let them leave. Shaw attempts to connect with Donny on the grounds that he admires his Double Eagle pistol. But Donny gets freaked out, as he doesn’t like anyone looking at his gun, and summons his minions to surround the group. A fight breaks out in the alley and the group scrambles to keep back the waves of bandits and thugs working for Donny.

During the fight, Myron escapes his handcuffs and attacks Donny. The group continues to push the waves of enemies back and eventually make it into the room where Donny is fighting Myron.



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