Chapter 1, Rest Easy

Maxwell, the undercover Sulphera Cultura demolitions agent, drives Stormage and Owen to the Sulphera Cultura HQ. He explains that his boss wants to speak to them and enlist them as new recruits. Stormage is completely comatose from the shock of the explosion and remains in the back of Maxwell’s truck. Owen gets out and goes into the base. He meets a half-cybernetic Mattius, the assumed head command of Sulphera Cultura. Mattius thanks Owen for helping Maxwell destroy the Department 7 training ground and rewards him with some cash. He also states that he has another assignment available that needs doing, if Owen is interested in making some more money. However, the mission will not commence for another 24 hrs, and Mattius gives Owen some spending money to allow him to buy necessary gear in the meantime. Mattius sends his snarly assistant, Isaac, to accompany Owen and to keep a close eye on him.

Isaac and Owen decide to go shopping. They split up and go to their favorite stores and purchase various gear. They attempt to find their way back to each other, but the crowd is so large that they get lost. Eventually, they both overhear that there has been some unusual activity going on at the park and go to investigate.

After reuniting at the park, they spot what seems to be a crime scene and a lone police officer. According to the officer, a dead body was found with its heart cut clean out and then partly devoured. Because the crime scene is so sensitive, Owen and Isaac are not allowed to enter it to search for clues. A mysterious reporter calls the two over and discusses a plan. She seems genuinely interested in the crime scene and proposes to flirt with the guard while Owen and Isaac sneak in through the back of the park. Seeing no other option, the adventurers agree and the plan is set into action.



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