Chapter 0, Stranger in Our Town

Dustin and Owen awake in a dark alley with a note stapled to each of their chests. The note tells them that each of them have chosen for their gifts and must report to a diner at closing. A mysterious old man appears and claims that it is too late to go to the diner and he has presumed the two adventurers dead. The old man, Otis, tells them that they have been chosen to undergo a mission to prove their skills to his company, Department 7. After squeezing more information out of Otis, the group gathers that the mission consists of breaking into a museum, stealing a valuable artifact and getting out before 6 am (when the museum opens). The artifact will be used to fund Otis’s unknown project. Additionally, the group must escape without being incriminated (not leaving any evidence). Otis leaves.

Dustin and Owen discover that the museum entrance is well guarded, but a curator will be coming to drop off the artifact in an hour. They are able to persuade the guard that they are with the curator and are there to investigate the area for display issues. During their search, they discover that the museum looks old, but really has only been there for about a year, and nobody knows anything about it.

The curator shows up and carries the artifact to the great room. Dustin and Owen are able to convince the curator that they are indeed part of his company, as new recruits. Owen discovers that the curator has secretly placed 30lbs of C4 in the break room. Meanwhile, the guards are unaware of what is going on and the curator explains to the group that he plans to blow up the museum. He assumes the two understand that the curator is really an imposter sent to destroy the museum, a Department 7 training ground. The artifact, guards, everything are all Department 7 training props. The curator tells the adventurers that he will wait in the truck for them and when they come back out, they can blow up the museum and all drive back to their company together. He still believes that they are new recruits.

Dustin attempts to steal the artifact which sets off an alarm. The guards are convinced that the alarm was a false start and allow the two to leave. The curator, who reveals his true accent and group name (Hispanic/ Sulphera Cultura) drives away with the group in tow, as the building explodes. Otis is pissed and begins to search for the group.



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