Chapter 3, A Sneaky Situation

The adventurers return to Sulphera Cultura. They speak with Mattius about their run-in with Alvin and ask him what they should do. Mattius tells the group that he did not establish a hit order on Alvin, and was aware of his actions the entire time. The reason he did not act on the information was because that Alvin’s actions were too low priority to formally create an assignment. Therefore, he will not be issuing a reward for the adventurer’s actions. Angered by this information, Isaac goes to Mattius’s young, blonde receptionist, Katie, to attempt to go over Mattius’s head. Katie informs Isaac that she does not know if there is anyone above Mattius in rank.

With the prisoner, Alvin, in tow, the adventurers decide to place an anonymous call to the police. They connect with Officer Barbrady, who claims that he has no knowledge of the numerous murders. Another officer, Butler, picks up the phone and dismisses the ignorant Barbrady. The officer tells the adventurers that he would be willing to discreetly compensate them for any information on the identity of the murderer. The adventurers hang up and drive to the police station to deliver the subdued Alvin. Butler puts the criminal into a cell and tells the adventurers that once he confirms that Alvin was indeed the one who killed those people, he will issue them an award. The group leaves and returns to Sulphera Cultura to hear about the mission that Mattius promised them.

Mattius tells the group that a bounty hunter has taken one of his employees hostage and is looking to collect the reward set by Department 7. The hostage’s name is Myron and he is a trained operative in stealth. Mattius reveals that Department 7 is a government operation to eliminate all super natural creatures and beings and to maintain normality in society. Sulphera Cultura however, wishes to harness these magical beings and establish order that way. Mattius assures the group that by harnessing the power of the magical creatures, he can establish more stable order than just by removing them.

The group heads to Black Cat Alley in the southern quarter. They see a black cat in the spooky alley way. Shaw verbally toys with the cat. Suddenly, the cat shape shifts into a man, the Scottish bounty hunter Donny MacGruin. He claims to know why the adventurers are here and does not intend to let them leave. Shaw attempts to connect with Donny on the grounds that he admires his Double Eagle pistol. But Donny gets freaked out, as he doesn’t like anyone looking at his gun, and summons his minions to surround the group. A fight breaks out in the alley and the group scrambles to keep back the waves of bandits and thugs working for Donny.

During the fight, Myron escapes his handcuffs and attacks Donny. The group continues to push the waves of enemies back and eventually make it into the room where Donny is fighting Myron.

Chapter 2, Old Bones, No Stones

Upon entering the park, a stalwart, grizzly, older man approaches the two adventurers. He introduces himself as Shaw, the owner of a gun store that was destroyed when the neighboring museum was blown up. He requests that the two give him reparations for his losses, but quiets down when they tell him that they will be making a great deal of money if they continue to work for Mattius. Shaw agrees to help the group so he can earn the money back to fix his store.

The group continues into the park. They see two fountains: one clear and blue and the other murky, filled with a deep purple liquid and a few bodies. Owen also finds a ceremonial blade and a half devoured heart next to the fountain, a strange symbol on the ground and a trail of blood leading away. The symbol is identified as the mark of Vexion, the Light Bringer, a 13th century human protector, demi-god. Suddenly, a strange, diabolical pharmacist approaches the group. He identifies himself as Ian and he claims that he was drawn to the crime scene by rumors of a strange liquid that he wishes to harness for himself. He invites himself to join the group to investigate the unusual liquid and its properties. Quickly, Ian approaches the tainted fountain and tests the liquid. He determines that once the liquid is consumed, the consumer loses all cognitive and nervous activity as well as free will; thus changing them into shells of what they once were and susceptible to suggestion. Isaac decides to throw a body into the fountain. The body transforms into a zombie and is quickly killed by Owen. The group decides to go back to Sulphera Cultura to analyze the liquid and find out who is behind it.

Once back at Sulphera Cultura, the group discovers that Stormage died in the back of Maxwell’s truck, because apparently no one in the group liked him enough to check up on him in his comatose state, (Translation: he got a job and can’t play anymore). The four adventurers proceed inside the base, but end up bumping into Maxwell and knocking him down the stairs. Maxwell drops several papers, some of which have notes on the strange liquid encountered earlier. Maxwell gets back up and tells the group that if they want to know more about it, they should ask somebody in the base.

Ian splits off from the group and goes to research the liquid and its uses while the rest of the adventurers go to confront Mattius. Mattius states that he knows nothing about the liquid and will not be bullied around by newcomers. Isaac remembers that his inside friend, “Bothersome” Bill, a research scribe, might know some more information about the liquid and strange symbol. Bill tells the group that Vexion is a fickle demi-god, capable of resurrecting the dead and other amazing feats. He also says that Vexion gets her power by eating the hearts of supernatural beings, and that she ultimately wants to eliminate all supernatural creatures and leave the world purely human. However, if Vexion is not fed enough hearts, she turns on her master, essentially changing sides. Bill claims that his medical co-worker, Alvin, has been experimenting with the liquid and its relationship with Vexion, and has been missing for nearly a week. The group gets an address from Bill and sets off for Alvin’s house.

The adventurers find Alvin’s house and knock on the door. No answer. Isaac kicks in the door and barrels inside. The room is dusty, sparsely furnished and white cloth covers all of the tables, couches and chairs. Owen spots a trap door in the corner and opens it. Maxwell comes running out claiming that Alvin was insane. Isaac kicks him back into the cellar and knocks him out with his terrifying presence. The group finds themselves in the cellar. Alvin is in the corner, praying in front of a statue of Vexion.

Owen steps out into Alvin’s view and claims that he is from Department 7. Alvin is alarmed and pulls out a strange syringe gun, filled with the toxic liquid from the park. Thinking that the group is there to take his dead wife away from him, he casts a barrier around himself and calls upon Vexion as his protector. Vexion appears as an angel and multiplies herself to match the group’s size. The entire time, Alvin is on his knees pleading for the group to go away and allow Vexion to bring his dead wife back. The group destroys the statue of Vexion and the demi-god as well as the barrier disappears. Alvin is prepared to shoot the liquid into his head, but the gun is knocked away from the blast. The group can now see that the cellar is filled with bodies, all failed resurrections. According to the now conscious Maxwell, Alvin attempted to turn average people into mindless drones with the liquid he was given by the mysterious reporter and then he would lead them to his house and remove their hearts to feed to Vexion. Alvin proposes a deal to the group. If the adventurers spare his life, he will accept his wife’s death and allow Vexion to be controlled by the group to do their bidding. The group would have to feed Vexion, but still could command her at will. The group declines and ties up Alvin to deliver him to the police.

Chapter 1, Rest Easy

Maxwell, the undercover Sulphera Cultura demolitions agent, drives Stormage and Owen to the Sulphera Cultura HQ. He explains that his boss wants to speak to them and enlist them as new recruits. Stormage is completely comatose from the shock of the explosion and remains in the back of Maxwell’s truck. Owen gets out and goes into the base. He meets a half-cybernetic Mattius, the assumed head command of Sulphera Cultura. Mattius thanks Owen for helping Maxwell destroy the Department 7 training ground and rewards him with some cash. He also states that he has another assignment available that needs doing, if Owen is interested in making some more money. However, the mission will not commence for another 24 hrs, and Mattius gives Owen some spending money to allow him to buy necessary gear in the meantime. Mattius sends his snarly assistant, Isaac, to accompany Owen and to keep a close eye on him.

Isaac and Owen decide to go shopping. They split up and go to their favorite stores and purchase various gear. They attempt to find their way back to each other, but the crowd is so large that they get lost. Eventually, they both overhear that there has been some unusual activity going on at the park and go to investigate.

After reuniting at the park, they spot what seems to be a crime scene and a lone police officer. According to the officer, a dead body was found with its heart cut clean out and then partly devoured. Because the crime scene is so sensitive, Owen and Isaac are not allowed to enter it to search for clues. A mysterious reporter calls the two over and discusses a plan. She seems genuinely interested in the crime scene and proposes to flirt with the guard while Owen and Isaac sneak in through the back of the park. Seeing no other option, the adventurers agree and the plan is set into action.

Chapter 0, Stranger in Our Town

Dustin and Owen awake in a dark alley with a note stapled to each of their chests. The note tells them that each of them have chosen for their gifts and must report to a diner at closing. A mysterious old man appears and claims that it is too late to go to the diner and he has presumed the two adventurers dead. The old man, Otis, tells them that they have been chosen to undergo a mission to prove their skills to his company, Department 7. After squeezing more information out of Otis, the group gathers that the mission consists of breaking into a museum, stealing a valuable artifact and getting out before 6 am (when the museum opens). The artifact will be used to fund Otis’s unknown project. Additionally, the group must escape without being incriminated (not leaving any evidence). Otis leaves.

Dustin and Owen discover that the museum entrance is well guarded, but a curator will be coming to drop off the artifact in an hour. They are able to persuade the guard that they are with the curator and are there to investigate the area for display issues. During their search, they discover that the museum looks old, but really has only been there for about a year, and nobody knows anything about it.

The curator shows up and carries the artifact to the great room. Dustin and Owen are able to convince the curator that they are indeed part of his company, as new recruits. Owen discovers that the curator has secretly placed 30lbs of C4 in the break room. Meanwhile, the guards are unaware of what is going on and the curator explains to the group that he plans to blow up the museum. He assumes the two understand that the curator is really an imposter sent to destroy the museum, a Department 7 training ground. The artifact, guards, everything are all Department 7 training props. The curator tells the adventurers that he will wait in the truck for them and when they come back out, they can blow up the museum and all drive back to their company together. He still believes that they are new recruits.

Dustin attempts to steal the artifact which sets off an alarm. The guards are convinced that the alarm was a false start and allow the two to leave. The curator, who reveals his true accent and group name (Hispanic/ Sulphera Cultura) drives away with the group in tow, as the building explodes. Otis is pissed and begins to search for the group.


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